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Revolutionary car shampoo that creates quartz coating on washed surfaces. It drastically improves paintwork appearance, protects it from atmospheric conditions and hinders dirt settling. The main feature of this quartz shampoo is its high hydrophobicity. Liquid quartz contained in Quartz Shampoo diminishes foam creation, so it doesn't froth up like other shampoos you will be familiar with, but it doesn't weaken the washing properties of the shampoo at all. Every next usage of this shampoo prolongs the lifetime of quartz coating. What is liquid quartz? Put simply, it’s Glass that’s suspended in liquid form at a molecular level. In order to keep this glass in liquid form it needs to be carried in either water or ethanol. Where does it come from? Liquid Glass, in the scientific world is better known as Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). SiO2 is a chemical found mainly in quartz and sand. What are its benefits? First, we have to look at the top coat of your paint, the lacquer and understand why we need to protect it. Lacquer is extremely susceptible to its environmental effects, and its durability and shine gets destroyed over time and causes corrosion. Liquid glass penetrates into the top layer of the lacquer and changes its structure on a molecular level. This is used in many detailing products to produce a super hydrophobic layer to your paintwork. Liquid glass/quartz increases durability and strength of the lacquer. Moreover, ceramic infused products create an additional protective layer for your paintwork making it stronger and prettier with increased shine and depth of colour.

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