ShineMate - Black Diamond Red Finishing Pad 6"

ShineMate - Black Diamond Red Finishing Pad 6"

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The ShineMate Black Diamond Red Foam Pad

A reliable choice for achieving a flawless finish on your vehicle's paintwork. With its gentle yet effective cleaning action, it effortlessly eliminates even the most stubborn imperfections like ultra-fine swirl marks, car wash scratches, and hazing. When paired with finishing polishes, this pad ensures a stunning swirl-free gloss finish that will leave your vehicle looking brand new. The ShineMate Black Diamond Red Foam Pad offers exceptional cleaning action to effectively remove ultra-fine swirl marks, car wash scratches, and hazing, resulting in a flawless, swirl-free gloss finish when combined with finishing polishes. This pad is specifically designed for applying glazes, delivering a deep, glossy shine that truly stands out. One standout feature of this pad is its diamond face, which serves to minimize heat build-up and polish splatter. Additionally, it reduces surface friction, maintaining a cooler surface and enhancing control during the polishing process. These pads are suitable for use on scratch-resistant and high-solid ceramic paints. They are developed to be compatible with both rotary and DA polishers, ensuring versatility in application. To prioritize safety, the Black Diamond pads feature a beveled edge design, offering maximum protection during use. Size: The pad has a diameter of 6 inches (150mm). What sets this pad apart is its unique diamond face design. By reducing heat build-up and polish splatter, it guarantees a smoother polishing experience. The reduced surface friction not only keeps the temperature down but also allows for better control, ensuring precise application and exceptional results. Regardless of whether your vehicle has scratch-resistant or high solid ceramic paints, the Black Diamond pad is a safe choice. Its versatility extends to compatibility with both rotary and DA polishers, making it a go-to option for professional detailers and car enthusiasts alike. In terms of safety, the beveled edge of these pads provides added reassurance during the polishing process. You can confidently work on your vehicle, knowing that the pad is designed to minimize the risk of accidental damage. Measuring 6 inches (150mm) in diameter, this pad offers an ideal size for effective and efficient polishing, allowing you to cover larger surface areas with ease. Choose the ShineMate Black Diamond Red Foam Pad for a remarkable shine and a paint finish that truly stands out. Experience its exceptional cleaning action, heat-reducing properties, and versatile compatibility for a professional-grade detailing experience.

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