Infinity Wax Synergy 2 Year Ceramic Coating

Infinity Wax Synergy 2 Year Ceramic Coating

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What is it?

Synergy 2 is the next step in the incredibly popular Synergy coatings range. Following on from Synergy Lite, which is a 1 year sprayable coating. Synergy 2 steps up the performance in all areas! Twice as durable, Even easier to apply, incredible gloss, and of course legendry beading & sheeting.

What's it made from?

Synergy 2 is made from a high-content polysilazane ceramic resin and our signature blend of low VOC solvents that allow the coating to be easily spread and leveled. Finally, a polymer is added that bleeds through the ceramic and forms a top layer over the coating. This protects the vulnerable ceramic as it cures, and allows you to apply the coating to vehicles outdoors without causing failure. Synergy 2 when applied correctly and not washed for 7 days after application will reach 9H hardness just like the longer term coatings.

What are the features?

Synergy 2 allows enthusiasts and professionals to apply a durable ceramic coating outdoors. The problems associated with coating a car outside have been addressed by its sacrificial layer system. Think of this as a safety net that allows you to use a vehicle within 30 mins of application. In addition, we recognise that many DIY installers do not want to or cannot machine polish their vehicle, so we have designed it to work even in these situations. The product has the ability to fill in surface defects such as wash marring and swirls quite dramatically and will leave your vehicle looking exceptional even without polishing. These benefits are further compounded by its hydrolysis curing method, which takes moisture from the air and uses that to create a chemical reaction that allows the coating to harden faster. The application kit includes 1x 30ml coating, a Synergy 2 holographic sticker and a dual-sided applicator.

How does it fit into the wash process?

Synergy 2 is a last stage protection product and should only be applied after thoroughly washing, decontaminating, polishing (if required) and using Synergy Prep to prepare the panel. Ceramic coatings only work if they bond correctly to the paint so ensuring you prepare the vehicle correctly is very important.

Application Guide:

This application method is great if you are not machine polishing the vehicle and simply want the benefits of the ceramic coating with minimal effort. If you are machine polishing, the same process still applies. Thoroughly wash the vehicle, ensure any tar and contamination has been removed from the bodywork. The use of Liquid Fire is also advised to assist with chemical decontamination and if required you can also use a clay bar to assist in this process. Dry the vehicle after the wash process, this is essential! Always open doors and dry any areas like under wing mirrors where residual water can be lurking. A handy tool for this is the BLO Air-S car drier, but a dual twist towel like the mini will also do fine. Next, grab some Synergy prep to ensure any residual surfactants or light contamination from the chemical decon process is completely removed. This is essential to provide a completely clean surface for the coating to bond to. work on only 1 panel at a time or a half panel if you are working on a bonnet or roof. Spray prep and gently wipe in straight lines with a new microfibre towel, excess prep will just evaporate away. A good towel for this is our general weave 380gsm. Now to apply Synergy 2, grab the supplied applicator. drop 15-20 drops of the coating on the block to get the new pad surface primed then begin to apply the coating in straight lines 1 panel at a time. NEVER DROP CERAMIC LIQUID DIRECTLY ON THE CAR. Ensure you crosshatch the coating on application by working it up and down then side to side as this will give a better, more even bond to the surface. Now simply allow 30 secs-5 mins before removing the coating residue with a short pile towel like the 280gsm edgeless. Once you have coated the entire car we recommend you give it a final wipe down with a plush edgeless towel like the 500gsm ultra plush. Once you have done this you are good to go! Just remember not to wash the vehicle for 7 days after application (very important).

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