Infinity Wax x Millions Strawberry Detailer

Infinity Wax x Millions Strawberry Detailer

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Instant Gloss & Slickness With Great Protection

What is it?
Achieve a stunning wax-like shine for your car with ease using the Millions Strawberry Detailer. briefly its a quick spray and gentle buff, you'll witness an immediate transformation with its remarkable gloss, slickness, and beading. Plus, the refreshing aroma will leave your car smelling nothing short of immaculate. Experience the astounding results yourself - try it out now!

What's it made from?

The Strawberry detailer is formulated with a Macroemulsion of a modified siloxane, and 5 other essential ingredients. This unique blend ensures that the product spreads effortlessly and can be removed with minimal effort. Additionally, it provides a glossy, wet look similar to carnauba wax, and furthermore offers the added benefit of Si02 sealant-like water beading.

What are the features?

With Strawberry Detailer, your car can have a freshly waxed appearance in just a few minutes. All it takes is 2-3 sprays per panel, a quick wipe with a high-quality towel, and a gentle buffing with a fresh one. furthermore, You'll enjoy the same level of protection and shine as if you spent 2 hours waxing your car, but in a fraction of the time. Strawberry Detailer is not only effective, but it also has a pleasant fragrance that adds to the overall experience.

How does it fit into the wash process?

Looking for a versatile car care solution that can handle a variety of tasks? Look no further than Strawberry Detailer! This amazing product can be used as a quick-drying aid by spraying it on a wet vehicle and then drying, and it's also great for wiping down external glass to remove smudges, fingerprints, and other unsightly marks. Plus, it leaves behind a protective barrier to keep dirt and grime from sticking in the future. But that's not all - Strawberry Detailer works great on dry surfaces, too! By applying it to your car's paintwork, it enhances the gloss and shine for a showroom-worthy finish. The innovative formula creates a protective layer that repels water, dirt, and other contaminants, so your car stays cleaner for longer. furthermore, if you need to tackle stubborn stains or touch up specific areas, Strawberry Detailer is the perfect spot cleaner. It even helps protect your car's paint against UV rays, oxidation, and Whats more environmental pollutants, preserving its lustrous appearance for longer. With Strawberry Detailer, you get an all-in-one product that saves you time, effort, and money. Whether you need a quick drying aid, a glass cleaner with added protection, or an effective detailing solution for both wet and dry surfaces, this versatile product delivers exceptional performance and outstanding results. in sum Give your car the care it deserves with Strawberry Detailer!

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